About Us

Fat City Café is a family owned and operated diner that was established in 1976, located in Multnomah Village in Southwest Portland, Oregon. Over time, the business has seen its fair share of village happenings with a few notable historical events. Before Fat City was a diner, it harbored a grocery store and ice cream parlor. The old ice cream cooler can still be found, along with the original counter and door. One of the most distinct aspects of the diner is the multitude of license plates lining every corner of the interior.

The family friendly atmosphere is perhaps the most unchanged portion of the diner. In 2000, the opportunity came knocking at Helen and Mark Johnson’s door to buy Fat City, and ever since then, they have tirelessly dedicated their careers to operating the diner with their loyal staff and two daughters, Caity and Morgan. The amazing community members that come in to enjoy Fat City’s food is the staff’s favorite part of working there – they love having the opportunity to meet new and interesting people on a daily basis.  

Fat City is a place to make memories with your friends and family. It is the Johnson family’s intention to make it a fun and welcoming atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal. 

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